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"The ORIGINAL screw drive turnout motor"
(Designed and formerly made by GB Electronics)



For prototype realism and action using the “Screw Drive” principle


**MOTOR DRIVEN LEAD-SCREW DRIVEA small DC motor turns a fine-thread screw through a “threaded post” which is attached to a “shuttle”. The turnout control linkage is attached to the “shuttle. The torque or rotational force of the drive motor is multiplied - much like a geared speed reducer - by the lead-screw.
**PROTOTYPE S-L-O-W M-O-T-O-R ACTIONUnder average load, the time required for the “shuttle” to move from one extreme limit to the other is approximately one to two seconds. Prototype turnout motor action is very closely followed.
**SELF-CUTOFF CONTACTSThe BK TURNOUT MOTOR will automatically stop and shut itself off at designated positions - ALL power to the motor is shut off.
**VERY POWERFULThe BK TURNOUT MOTOR develops up to ½ pound of force. Power is varied by the adjustment of the drive motor voltage.
**LOW POWER REQUIREMENTSThe BK TURNOUT MOTOR operated on 16 - 18 volts AC at about ½ amps. AC voltage is converted to 8 - 9 volts bi-polar DC by 2 small diodes which are part of the assembly.
**ABSOLUTE MECHANICAL LOCKINGShort of actually breaking the device, the “shuttle” will not move until instructed to do so.
**EASY MOUNTINGMounting is achieved through the use of 4 small RH screws, using the holes in the main board, or by the use of double-faced foam tape. Mounting “tolerances” are quite broad. Standard linkages - bell crank - are also used.
**FOR ALL SCALESThe BK TURNOUT MOTOR will activate all turnouts from Z scale to G scale (indoors only).
**ACCESSORY CONTACTSThere are 2 main configurations - a three pole, double throw (3PDT) and a double pole, double throw, center off (DPDT-CO). The DPDT-CO feature permits the TURNOUT MOTOR to be used as a remote control electrical switch for reversing blocks, etc. The contacts are phosphor bronze “fingers” wiping on pure copper. They are semi-enclosed, pre-adjusted, self-cleaning, and should not require attention.
**WIRING AND CONTROLThe BK TURNOUT MOTOR operates with a single control wire to each motor, along with a common wire to all turnouts. The best method of operating the turnout motors is with push-buttons. The same single control wire can also be used for panel indicator lights. This significantly reduces the number of wires. Three position models take 1 additional wire.
**OTHER USESThe BK TURNOUT MOTOR can also be used to raise or lower magnetic uncoupling ramps, operate crossing gates, operate 2 or 3 aspect signals/semaphores, order boards, etc.
**MODELSEC-2:This is a 2 position turnout motor that used electronic controls to control the speed of operation.
EC-3: This is a 3 position turnout motor that uses electronic controls to control the speed of operation. Its main use is for 3-way stub turnouts.
**PRICESEC-2 $19.00 Shipping - Please add $7.00 for the first
EC-3 $19.50 4 units and $1.00 for each 3 after that
Overseas shipping extra
**PAYMENTWe accept personal checks, money orders, VISA and Mastercard.
**SHIPPINGPlease expect up to 2 to 4 weeks for shipment
**OTHER PRODUCTSWe also make all-rail turnouts, in N through G scales, for those who hand lay their own track; wood freight car kits in HO, HOn3, Sn3 and On3; and wood and cardstock structures in HO, S and O scales. If you specify your scale, we will include a price list with your order.